Because WTG Midwest works closely with both the design engineer and end users throughout the design, contractors can rely on WTG Midwest for valuable information needed during the short bidding process.  WTG Midwest and their suppliers are staffed to assist with installation and start-up of equipment.

WTG Midwest will work with you from the very beginning of the project, listening to your needs to get the right piece of equipment and features selected for your application.  Partnered with our suppliers, we will continue to work with you during the design, installation, and throughout the life of your equipment, providing any support needed.

A partner in the field with contractors

Whether it is during  equipment selection to find the most economical process or the preparation of final construction documents, WTG Midwest is here to assist.  As a local representative of leading manufacturers in our industry along with the design experience of WTG Midwest's staff, we can help you find a solution for any water or wastewater application, providing specifications, drawings, and other analysis.

Hands on approach with end users

A reliable source for an Engineer

Your partner from beginning to end...