Polypropylene DAF, MBBR, IFAS​

High Efficiency Non-Mechanical Mixers​

Delivery of Ozone, Pure Oxygen, & CO²​

Lime Stabilization Process, Dewatered Sludge Pumps, and Silos, Sludge Driers​

TPS ThermAer ATAD, SNDR, and BiofilterAer Odor Contorl System​

CSO Screens and Water Management Equipment​

Modular Trickling Filter Biomedia​

Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Stop Logs, Flap Gates, Telescopic Valves, MUD Valves & Shear Gates​

Water To Sludge and Sludge to Sludge Heat Exchangers​

High Rate Anaerobic Treatment Systems for High Strength Industrials Wastes, Biogas Conditioning​

Plate Settlers: Stainless Steel Baffles, Tube Settlers (2', 3', 4'). Hoseless Vacuum Sludge Removal System.  SS and FG Troughs and Weirs. Sludge Scrapers.​

In-Line Automatic Self Cleaning Strainers and Filters​


Headworks: Mechanical Bar Screens, Grit Systems, Sludge Thickners,T-Valves, Scum Skimmers, Screenings Washer & Compactors​

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, High Speed Turbo Blowers, Blower Controls​


Rotary Lobe PD Pumps, In-line grinders, In-line choppers​

Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Stop Logs, Flap Gates, Telescopic Valves, MUD Valves & Shear Gates​

Suspended Solids, DO pH, ORP & Sludge Blanket Sensors​

Triplepoint Water Technologies- the wastewater lagoon experts. With more than 30 years of wastewater treatment experience, we specialize in municipal and industrial wastewater lagoon solutions. Partner with Triplepoint on your next project and experience the efficient and effective treatment process that our MARS Lagoon Aeration Technology provides.
Triplepoint specializes in wastewater lagoon aeration, wastewater treatment system design, emergency aeration, and wastewater system retrofits.​

Vertical Shaft Mixers and Flocculators​

Removal of Iron, Manganese, Radium, Arsenic, & Nitrate​

Chain and Flight Collectors, Clarifiers, Grit,

Paddle Wheel Flocculators​

Suspended Solids, pH, ORP & Sludge Blanket Sensors​

Clarifiers, Carrousel® Biological System, Excell ® Aerator, Rotary Distributors, RBC's Anaerobic Digester Steel & Membrane Covers/Gas Holders, Draft Tube Mixers, LM Linear Motion Mixers, Course and Fine Screens, Aerated Grit and Vortex Grit Removal, Grit Handling, DAF's, CINETIK Electrode Dewatering Technology​

Circular Sludge Thickeners and Clarifiers, EWT™ Flocculating Clarifier, Reactor Clarifier™ Solids Contact Clarifiers​

Wastewater Treatment Plants: Non-Mechanical Clarifiers, Air Diffuser Systems, Draimad Sludge De-Watering System,

SS Belt Filter Press​

High Efficiency Non-Mechanical Mixers​

Odor Control Systems: Bio-filter with inorganic media​

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Centrifuges/Decanters, Disk Stack Centrifuges​

HiPOx Advanced Oxidation, PulseOX Remediation, ARoNite-Biological Nitrate Removal​

In-Channel Fine Screens​

Belt Filter Presses, Gravity Belt Thickeners, Screw Presses​


Gas Safety Equipment​

Sweet Street and Vent units. Activated Carbon for Odor Control​

In-channel drum, bar screens, In-Channel Grinders, Septage Receiving​

Vertical and Horizontal Open Channel Units, Automatic Cleaning, In-Vessel UV, Sunlight and Siemens UV Lamps and Parts​

Screw Pumps​

Diffused Aeration Systems for Lagoons​

High Efficiency Grit Removal and Handling Systems, Sludge Screen​

Custom Designed Low Profile Stainless Filter Underdrains​

Activated Carbon for Water Treatment​

Aeration Systems: Mechanical Aerators, Aspirators, Mixers, HRAS Process, and Package Treatment Systems, Oxidation Ditches​

Delivery of Ozone, Pure Oxygen, & CO²​

Horizontal Shaft Mixers, Submersible Chopper Pumps, Jet Aeration​

Ozone Water Treatment Systems​

Rotary Lobe PD Pumps

Portable liquid oxygen plant and gaseous oxygen generators​

Carbon Absorbers, Chemical Scrubbers, FRP Tanks, Ductwork, Dampers, Hoods, & Covers​

Liquid and Dry Polymer Feed Systems​

MSABP No-Sludge Production Treatment System​